Bourne Hill Circuit, Bourne Hill, Wherstead, Ipswich


Classes Raced

On Road (touring car)


To race on road you will need a radio controlled 1/10th scale electric powered scale touring car. There are many on the market made by manufacturers such as Associated, Tamiya, Schumacher, Yokomo,

Hot Bodies, HPI, Losi, Kyosho, XRay, TOP. Although they are all slightly different, there is little difference in performance so it is really down personal choice.


Our members will be happy to show you their cars to help you make your decision.


Li-Po batteries are allowed. A lipo charging sack must be used.

tc1 xb4

Off Road (Buggy)


The cars used in this class are 1/10th scale electric powered cars, either two wheel drive or four wheel drive. Again there are many to choose from; with the most popular being Xray, Associated & Losi.


For motors we run the same rules as those for the open class in touring cars. Power can be either 7.2v Nimh or 7.4v Lipo


Races are over 5 mins and you get 6 races during the day, 3 qualifying and 3 finals.


The cars run on our all weather Astro Turf circuit and are split into 2 classes - 4 wheel Drive & 2 Wheel Drive.


The races are run for 5 minutes, you get 3 qualifying rounds which decide the final you race in. The finals are over 3 legs each of 5 minutes.


You  can run any turn motor you wish, no weight limits. Experience shows the best motor is probably a 21.5T, 17.5T or a 13.5T Brushless Motor.


Batteries either 7.2V max nimh or 7.4V Li-po.



Intended as a low cost fun class, the only cars allowed are the Tamiya M (Mini) chassis. The cars are raced as they come out of the box with limited hop ups allowed

but the cars must retain two wheel drive.


The club uses a handout motor to help keep the racing close.


Races are for 5 minutes with 3 qualifying rounds and 3 legs to the finals, so 6 races altogether.