Bourne Hill Circuit, Bourne Hill, Wherstead, Ipswich


Mini Rules

Eligible Chassis

The permitted chassis for this class are:


M-01, M-03 (Including M-03R), M-04 and M-05 & M-05 Pro, M05 Pro V2 assembled as per Instruction Manual (Chassis Parts Can be removed IF AND ONLY IFthey can be unscrewed) No Cutting of any Part is allowed.


After market Hop Ups Allowed are listed Below:




Front bumper (Any front bumper may be used providing it does not pose a risk to other cars and marshalls, for example, no screws sticking out).


Recommended option:


  • M03 – GPM Foam Bumper Set TL1200 (fits tamiya TL-01)

  • Replacement lower bumper brace available to order via G.Fairweather

  • M05 - 3racing m05-04 front bumper


Shock towers


The position of the shock absorbers cannot be changed, however the shock towers can be replaced for stronger variants on the M05. Shock tower braces can be run on the M03 to stop the chassis splitting.


Recommended option:


  • M03 – shock tower braces available to order via G.Fairweather

  • M05 – shock towers available to order via G.Fairweather


Battery Clamps


Any battery clamps can be used as long as they do not pose any danger to others on the track and support the battery securely.




Front steering hub (knuckle arm) Standard part F7 (M05) and F6 (M03)


Alloy options can be used to replace the standard plastic part;


  • Tamiya Aluminium front upright #54177

  • Yeah Racing M03-006

  • 3racing M03-06

  • 3racing M05-05

  • Front C hub Standard part F9 (M05) and F1 (M03)


Alloy options can be used to replace the standard plastic part;


  • 3racing M03-21

  • 3racing M03-05

  • Yeah Racing M03-005

  • Upper Wishbones Standard part C18 (M05) and C7 (M03)


Optional upper wishbones can be used to replace the standard plastic part;


  • M03 – M03-04

  • M05 – M05-16


Rear upright


Any Alloy options can be used to replace the standard plastic item


Shock absorbers


  • Tamiya TRF Mini dampers #54000

  • Tamiya CVA Mini dampers #53619

  • Tamiya CVA Super Mini dampers #50746

  • 3racing M03-13


Any spring designed for the above dampers, piston and oil may be used on the shock absorbers




The Tamiya M05 is allowed to have any uprated steering mechanism so long as the pivot positions are identical to the standard items.



  • Any Stick pack holder is allowed

  • Any optional driveshafts may be run

  • Titanium / Aluminium screws may be used

  • Aluminium Hex's may be used

  • Bearings are allowed

  • Weights may be added to the car in any position to balance the car





Any Tamiya or After-Market M-Class bodyshell is allowed







  • Part no. 50568 - M-Chassis Radial Tyres

  • Part no. 50683  - M-Chassis 60D Radial Tyres

  • Part no. 50684  - M-Chassis 60D M-Grip Tyres

  • Part no. 53254  - M-Chassis 60D Super Grip Radial Tyres


  • Part no. 50686 – 60D Inner Sponge Set

  • part no. 53204 – M-Chassis Inner Sponge

  • part no. 53255 – 60D Inner Sponge (Hard) Set


ONLY ONE INSERT PER TYRE NO Other Tyres or Inserts Allowed


Motor & Transmission

Hand out club motor’s only to be used


1 motor per driver this motor is to be used all day and will not be exchanged unless it totally fails or is genuinely faulty


( Motors can be tested )

Motors can not be swapped between family members during the day

Motors MUST be connected via the bullet connectors


( No other method is allowed )

20, 18 OR 16 Tooth pinions only but Up to 19T pinion is allowed for the M04 chassis.

Tamiya main and counter gears only can be used (part no. 50794) (will be checked at random intervals)


Batteries and electric’s

  • Any approved 6 cell NiCad and/or Nimh stick pack.

  • Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4v Lipo packs that fits into the original position in the chassis

  • Any ESC, Receivers and Servo’s can be used

  • Any brushed ESC may be used