Bourne Hill Circuit, Bourne Hill, Wherstead, Ipswich


Race Day

A Guide to Racing at Coastal Model Car Racing Club


The gates open at 9.00. Please do not drive down Bourne Terrace till this time.


Get your pit set up either in the building or surrounding the circuit. Sign in as soon as possible, signing in closes at 9.40 am. Your race fees will be collected after signing in has closed.


Practice takes place between 9.10 and 9.40.  Do not place you car on the straight. Please be aware of faster or slower cars on the track. Practice is an open to all session.


Practice ends at 9.40 and then you will find that you have been placed into your qualifying heat or race. Heat listings are posted on the results board on the side of the building by the steps.


Three minutes before your heat or race, collect your transponder, the same number as your car (check with the listing what colour transponder you should have) and attach it to your car with a clip.


You should only switch on your radio and car when the previous race has finished and all cars have left the track. The procedure is radio transmitter on first, then your car, car off then transmitter off. Your radio should not be switched on at any other time. If you experience problems with your radio or car then you should seek permission before testing it. Do not switch on while racing is in progress.


You will be advised of the qualifying/race format. Do not place your car in front of oncoming cars. You will start qualifying by the system calling your club number and then you start your run. Remember that you are qualifying, so there is no need to race your competitors, you are racing the clock! Allow faster cars to pass, you will gain respect from your fellow competitors by good race craft!


After you have finished your qualifying session pull off into the designated area or in a safe place. Turn off you car, then your radio, then return your transponder to race control. Your car may be called to scrutineering. Leave your car in the scrutineering bay then prepare for your marshalling duty.


Generally, you will marshal the race following yours. Go to the marshal point that corresponds with your car number. Please note that to be able to race and marshal you have to have BRCA membership. Please see a club official at Race Control if in doubt.


When marshalling, observe the section of track in front of you. Do not watch the racing. Only go onto the racing surface when it is safe to do so, do not walk out in front of oncoming cars. Do not run. Be careful when picking up overturned cars, they may be hot and have spinning wheels. Drivers of cars that have stopped should not rev they motor when being marshalled.


If the car you have marshalled is mobile then place it back on the side of the track where it left the circuit and pointing in the direction of racing. Do not place it in front of oncoming cars! If the car will not run then remove it to the side of the track, place it on its side and if possible switch it off or unplug the battery. Continue to marshal your section of track.


Stay at your marshalling point until the last car has finished, you may be requested to marshal the following race but otherwise return to collect your car from scrutineering and prepare for your next race.


After your qualifying session you will be sorted into finals depending on how quick you were in qualifying. You will probably have a different number and may be allocated a different frequency. Check the final listing for your name and details and remember to take the corresponding transponder to your car number.


Remember, when you are racing to allow quicker cars past when you are being lapped; you will only slow yourself down and the race director will be watching for poor driving!


The procedure is the same, race, marshal, race, marshal. If you fail to marshal when called you will lose your best time of the day


If you have to leave before the end of racing you must advise the race director.


If you have any questions please do hesitate to ask, racers at Coastal are friendly and more than willing to share advice and help. The main objective is to have fun and enjoy your day. Good luck!